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Top Interview Tips

Published on: 1 Mar 2022

Make sure you dress appropriately. Office jobs are likely to require you to wear smart clothes, and this does always make a good impression. But for a job in a yard, which may include a tour of the stables, jeans and a smart shirt are probably more appropriate. If in doubt, you can always ring up and ask.

Prepare yourself. There are some questions that often come up. Some are very open ended – “Tell us a little about yourself” or “What do you feel you can bring to the job?” Prepare in your head three or four main points you want to get across about your personality and your experience that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

It’s your chance to sell yourself, so make sure you get your best points across. Similarly, make sure you know as much as you can about the employer. Look at their website or any literature about themselves you can read up on beforehand.

Give yourself time. Don’t feel you have to launch straight into the answer to a question. You can give yourself a moment to think! Slowing things down will make you feel more in control of the situation. Remember that if you’re not clear about what your interviewer is asking, you can always ask for the question to be rephrased.